Let great professional opportunities find you!

Apply for a job

Apply for a job

Refer someone

Refer someone

Be rewarded with money in both cases

Be rewarded with money in both cases

You deserve to have the best job that you would love

Maybe right now you are thinking actively about a change in your career

Or even though your job is fine and the conditions are good

there is something better out there...

Then Springsyple is for you.

Our main principles are

  • Freedom
    No more pressure on you! You see an opportunity. And then you decide, apply/ refer someone or not. No more messages from strangers, recruiters, companies. It is only your decision.
  • Networking
    Just imagine how many awesome opportunities you would have if people from your network would refer you to the right opportunities. So why won’t we use your networks to bring professional lives to the next level.
  • Reward
    By applying for a job or referring someone you spend time and efforts. Your time and efforts are valuable, that is why it should be rewarded with money.

How it works

Browse through opportunities

Browse through opportunities Find opportunities that fit you or someone you know

Apply or refer someone you know

Fill in your profile, apply to a position, see your real-time rank among other candidates.

Get monetary reward

Your contribution should be rewarded! Get paid after you or someone you referred is hired.

What should you do

Sign up and fill in your profile and preferences

Browse through company’s profiles

Meet employers at Springsyple and see them speaking about the company and open positions

Interested? Great then apply for a job

Or Do you know someone who will be a great fit for this job?
Invite a friend to apply and if he is hired get both rewarded with money!