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Why Springsyple?

Network is the best way to find the right people. That is why Springsyple has been built to give people opportunities to play as head-hunter using their (online & offline) networks and to be rewarded if their help leads to a recruitment.

Springsyple allows employers to reward those who help them to find the right candidates to their hard to fill open position. In that way, employers have the certainty to only use their hiring budget when they hire. Springsyple also helps employers to make a first weighted and real-time screening of all applications they receive.

What provide Springsyple to employers?

Springsyple provide to employers a platform where :

  • Jobs are listed for free
  • Reward budget can freely be defined and only used when a recruitment is made and never expires
  • On a Real-time basis all your applications are analyseds for free. It help you to considerably reduce time needed to hire and to maintain a full control on your cost per hire

The 4 best rewarded jobs are on a daily basis shared on social networks, on the front-page of Springsyple.com and on the highest level of the Springline (the network part of Springsyple).

How can I list a job on Springsyple?

  • If you already have signed up on Springsyple, you need first to create a company/business account as explained on the next FAQ point.
  • If you do not already have singed up on Springsyple, you need first to create an account using this link 'Create a business account'
    Once you signed up/in in on springsyple.com, you can find on several pages a 'Create a job' button. You just need to click on it, select the company you want to list a job for and fill in the form with the needed information.

What is a company page?

Company page is an additional source of motivation that can help employer to attract new talents. By this way you can provide to your next hires your trustworthy stories, talk about your products, activities and above all about your values. Your company page will support your recruitment activities and make you more attractive and known by your future applicants.

This feature allows you to share pictures, press information, videos ... Springsyple will continuously improve its network experience and your page options.

How to create a company page?

Before to be able to list your jobs on Springsyple, you need to provide some information about the company you are representing. Once done, Springsyple creates a company page that can be visible by every people visiting springsyple.com.

How can I manage my company page?

The creator of your company page automatically receives an administrator role. He can attribute different roles to some people within your organisation. On your company page “settings” click on the [?] button to know more about each access.

How does it cost to list a job on springsyple.com?

Listing your jobs on springsyple.com is basicly free. Once you are ready, you can reward your jobs and motivate people to introduce to you the candidates that match the most with your organisation. A fee of 20% is only applied on each reward provision you supply.

In which country Springsyple is made available?

Springsyple can be used in every country with exception of countries in which its activities may be prohibited by law.